About Me

G’Day Mates!

“My name is Katee and I am embarking on my first post-college adventure to Australia. This blog is here to help me document the incredible adventures that are sure to ensue throughout my six months working as an Au Pair for a beautiful family in Burleigh Heads on the Gold CoastIMG_2759!”  
UPDATE: Well, that didn’t go as planned! After 3 months working for an incredible family, I made the decision to leave due to unfortunate circumstances that I was unable to move forward from. I gave another family a try but they were actually worse… So, I left my new Australian boyfriend to return back to the States where I celebrated Christmas with my family and tried to figure out my fate.

I knew that I wanted to go back more than anything but I just needed to figure out how since I had no job and no money. So, after earning money doing surveys on  Swagbucks (Sign up in June and earn $5!), selling some of my things, working odd jobs, and receiving my tax return (#BLESSED), I booked a flight back to Oz where I am currently living with my incredible boyfriend in an amazingly, gorgeous part of the world. This blog is to help document our adventures and struggles of making on a budget in Oz.